DNS CAA record – meaning

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    The CAA records allow the CAs to better control the process of issuing certificates and to reduce the possibility of mis-issue certificates for the domain. It is strongly recommended to use the CAA records with DNSSEC. Having DNSSEC enabled will allow the issuer to acquire and archive the proof of authorization for issuing certificates for the domain. CAA record – fully explained!

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    DNS – meaning

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    Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming database system. It is locating and translating domain names into IP addresses. Imagine it is like a directory or even like a mobile’s contacts list. Each one of the names corresponds with numbers, and they are accurately matched. DNS directory is spread worldwide. This system operates daily. It helps to explore and reach millions of domain names every day. Without a Domain Name System, we would have to remember each site’s IP address to visit it. This sounds nearly impossible, considering how many sites are out there. Read more about the Domain Name System!

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